Accommodation - Savanakhet - Sayamungkhun

The Sayamungkhun has a lot going for it, set in a large heritage building, offering a good variety of both big and small rooms with basic but big cold water bathrooms.
Rooms are available in the main building and the annexe at the rear. It's an attractive place, with a good atmosphere and a courteous staff. But, there are a few problems. If you take a downstairs room, you may need to endure hours of thumping above, a bit of short term traffic seems to trickle through here. You'll also get intimately acquainted with your neighbours' toilet habits as there is no soundproofing between adjoining bathrooms. Several night-spots across the street play loud music every night until midnight, and it can be clearly heard in all the rooms.
Not a bad place if you plan to be out at night anyway. Motorcycles can be rented here for US$7 a day, bicycles for US$1 a day. TF

Address: 84 Ratsavongseuk Rd, Savannakhet.